Thursday, January 31, 2013

Revamping the ol' blog

Hi Friends! 

I got a surprise call from my boss today telling me that I didn't need to come in.
Aren't surprise days off the best? 

I figured I'd put my time off to good use, and since I have been working on learning Corel Painter (and I've actually learned a few things) I will be changing the look (and maybe the name!?) of my blog. I am pretty excited about these changes and I hope you can be patient while it looks all crazy in the process. 

A peek at my crazy workspace

I am the type of person who learns by doing so it will definitely take me a little while to get it all together, but in the end I think I'll be much happier with it.

My brain has been overflowing with creative ideas to incorporate (and with my limited knowledge of Corel and coding,) it's going to be a lesson in persistence, I'm sure.

Feel free to share your ideas and/or lessons in coding!
They'd be much appreciated

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