Friday, May 10, 2013

May Challenge - Day 9 & 10

This blogging everyday thing is tough!
I'm completely enjoying it, but it's really tricky to be sure to make time to post daily - especially with my spontaneous and adventurous spirit (lol but seriously). So, since I missed yesterday (and almost today!) here's my last minute post.

Since 'Day 9' was a moment in your day and it can be a photo, here you have it:
A quick cup of coffee with my love before an impromptu Iron Man 3 showing!

Day 10 - Most embarrassing moment 
 I really can't think of any big ones - which is probably a good thing.
However, the one I can think of is when I first meet my husband.

We meet within the first two days of our freshman orientation. Three times.
I say we meet three times, because despite the fact that his name is Dave (something quite simple and easy to remember) I could not remember it for the life of me. We kept running into each other and he'd cheerfully say "Hi, Niquelle!" and I'd respond with "Hey! You..."
I felt super bad but third times a charm, and the rest is history

 Off to read some (better) embarrassing stories,

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