Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Nicaragua is a place that I hold very dear to my heart.
Ever since Dave and I took a/(our first!) short-term mission trip there, in March 2011, we haven't stopped thinking about the impact it has made on us.
We truly loved the people, the culture, the climate, and the joy that the folks emitted.

While we were there we worked with a wonderful group of people - and the founders of - Managua Christian Academy. We interacted with hundreds of kids in their makeshift school (a parking lot with tents while there buildings were renovated after an overwhelming flood), helped facilitate worship, cooked, played, ate, & prayed with many different people there.
We lived life together for nearly a week - and it changed our hearts forever. 

When I found out that some Compassion Bloggers were taking a trip to Nicaragua, to work with some of the sponsored families and children there, I was elated!

Knowing that Compassion International (my favorite organization) and Nicaragua (as far as I know, my favorite place) were going to be connected in some way was great. Then, I got an email to get involved and share a bit about what the bloggers are doing there, and I was even more excited!
Today is the day that eight bloggers leave for a trip that will change their lives, and as I was reading one of their posts about doubts and fears, I couldn't help but think how differently they'll feel after they return back to the states. 

I remember being a bit nervous before going to Nicaragua because I only spoke Spanish conversationally, and I had never been on a mission trip before - nor have I been to a country/area quite like Managua, Nicaragua... But God is so good and always takes care of things perfectly. 
And often times all I can think of is returning and serving there again!

I know that the Compassion bloggers headed to Nicaragua are going to have an amazing, life-changing experience, but would you say a few prayers for them?

Just a short "tweet" to God, as I like to say, for their travels, strength, love, health and overall open hearts and minds.

Also, would you consider praying for the families and children they are going to meet and serve?
That they may have health, happiness, and above all, an eternal & loving relationship with God.
I know I'm asking a lot here, but could you also drop in some prayers for me? Unlike Edie who knows she is living and serving in the right place/community (where she lives) - I am struggling with my calling to serve others, internationally, while living in the states for at least another four years.

Although I really love Pittsburgh and all it has to offer, I feel as though my 'home' may be somewhere else in the world & I'd appreciate some prayers to help me truly discern my calling.
Many thanks,


  1. Love this! My husband spent a month in Nicaragua with some missionary friends when he was in high school. It's one of his favorite places too!

    I will definitely be praying for discernment and opportunity for you to serve. It will be provided!


  2. What a great post!! I'll be praying for you too! It's so neat that you guys were able to go to Nicaragua...one of our Compassion kids is there and I would love to go there someday!! I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a number of missions trips prior to marriage (and now a baby!) and I hope someday to take my husband along....and to meet our sponsored kids in the process.

    1. Hi Hannah!

      Thanks for your comment and your prayers! You are amazing and the way you are involved with Compassion is joyfully overwhelming and heartwarming. I connected very well with the children in Nicaragua and built many great relationships, but I cannot imagine the feeling of meeting a sponsored child.

      Dave and I pray to one day be able to meet the girls we sponsor, but until Compassion can figure out a way to lower the cost, or we figure out a way to win the lotto, it might be a little while haha


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