Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mind Games

For about a month now, my husband and I have been going to the gym almost every other day because I really want to accomplish my kind-of-life-goal of having a flat stomach. I've been lucky enough throughout life to not have to worry that much about my weight because my metabolism has always kept me, well, average (as I mentioned in a previous post). However, I finally feel like I need to take that extra step and start maintaining a more active lifestyle.

The reason I titled this post "mind games" is because it's quite amazing what I can make myself do, when I set my mind to it. Up until today, I only ran 3.1miles (5k) twice before -in my entire life- and my best time was 33 minutes. Today, I told myself I was going to beat it, even though I usually only run 2 miles when I go to the gym, and guess what? I did! I ran 3.1 miles in 31 minutes and 40 seconds! I felt so amazing after that, and honestly proud of myself for doing it.

It just reminds me that anyone can do something they set their mind to and even though it sounds cliche, it's true. Plus, if you're not into cliche motivational quotes, then there's always this =)

I'll leave you on this note: stay positive, keep moving and go do what you always wanted to do! Who knows, maybe there may even be a marathon in my future?? (even if it takes me 5+ hours haha)


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