Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I have a wonderful husband

Today while I was at work, (I'm a nanny for two boys; ages 9 and 6), the 6 yr old had a HUGE temper tantrum. He has autism - but he is very high functioning - so I have expected and experienced some trouble with him before, but nothing to this caliber. Basically, he and his brother and I decided to go for a walk, and we got down to the bottom of a very large hill which is at the base of their apartment complex. It was there that he decided he didn't want to do anything but sit at the bottom of the hill, which is where cars drive to get in and out of the complex, and scream and cry. I tried all my usual strategies, and his brother, who is always a great help, made suggestions about what usually works, but nothing was helping. I couldn't carry him up the hill because he was kicking and wiggling so much I was afraid he may fall, and it was quite a steep hill. So, after 30 minutes of sitting in the middle of the road, looking like a crazy person trying to convince this 6yr old boy to come back home with me, I called in reinforcements. My husband.

Mind you, we only have one car, and I had it in order to get to work. So, my wonderful husband ran 2+ miles in about 15 minutes in order to come help me carry this poor boy up the hill and calm him down. Of course, by the time he got there I managed to get the boy home and a bit more settled, but still my husband was so quick and willing to run out of the house, after working all day, and just help me. I felt so bad for having to call him, but he didn't mind at all and I realized how much I appreciate him and his presence in my life. Sometimes I get upset because he isn't the tidiest man and he enjoys video games quite a bit, but instead of looking at the negatives, I really need to focus on the amazing things he does do.

For example, he was so sweet and caring last night when I was being grumpy, (for no reason of course), and he was just holding me and comforting me while we were watching the fireworks. He is always trying his best to make me happy and cheer me up whenever I need it, and as you can see, he'll literally run to my call. He also took a bunch of goofy pictures with me last night, while we were playing with sparklers, and this one makes me extremely happy

I truly have an amazing husband


  1. you guys are just two cute. Seriously, I hope I can have something like this whenever it happens.
    Lady, whatever you're going through, just know you're not doing it only, alright? I know that sounds lame and ordinary, but I mean it. Whatever's going on I'm here for you as is everyone else. As is that wonderful God of ours. Keep your head up beautiful. I love you.

  2. thanks for your kind words darling <3 I've been on a good streak for the past couple days, but for some reason I was just feeling down. I think it's the fact that I still haven't paid for school yet (which worries me) and we don't actually have a place to live yet, and I just don't like not having a place to call our own.

    Anyways, I know it's all in God's hands, and great things come to those who want, so I'm trying to deal with my impatience.

    I love you and I hope you're having an amazing day !!


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