Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rug on Rug Action - Yay? or No Way!

In preparation for our move, my mind has been running 10,000miles per minute about how I will decorate each room. Of course, then I always remember our space, budget, and the fact that Dave and I don't always see eye to eye when it comes to decorating - but let's forget about all of that for now, okay? 

My most recent thought was about how our walls are white, and our carpet is really pale, and I'm not quite sure if we can paint yet, so I am trying to come up with creative ways to warm up the space (before we're even there, I know, I'm a little crazy). Anyway, I was thinking about area rugs, which would be a no-brainer if we had hardwood floors, but alas, we do not. So, I spent some time thinking about how they would look on already existing carpet. Then, I Googled it. (duh.)

Based on what I found, I totally think it could work - here are some of my current inspirations:

What are your thoughts on "Rug on Rug Action"? Do you approve? 
Let me know and help shape our space!

Still packing and dreaming about decorating...


  1. I love the idea!! I actually have rug on rug action in my room... since there is no where else to put the small area rugs I have from the dorm rooms..Since I cant figure out how to link a photo I will attempt to describe...I have a teal greenish carpet,with some wavy design (and some stains from puppies). The rug is a little rug, dark tan with a lighter tan leaf design. I love it, wish it was bigger for my room now, but fit great in my dorm rooms. If you get the right carpet and rug combo it looks really good.

    1. I can totally picture it - nice job with the details, puppy stains and all =) Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. It looks as if when the second rug matches the larger theme of the room I don't even notice there is another rug there at all, so if it matches the curtains/furniture etc, go for it!

  3. Good point. Of all the pictures I found these were among the best (which could be good or bad, I suppose). I'll definitely keep color in mind though. Thanks!


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