Saturday, November 3, 2012

A new twist on an old Jack o' Lantern

Pumpkin Carving is something that has been a pretty serious business throughout my life. 
Growing up, my mom and I took pride in carving intricate designs into our pumpkins and every year I try to do something that was important to me that year.

A couple of years ago when a favorite story of mine, Where the Wild Things Are, became a movie, I carved this:

 And this year I felt inspired to carve a bridge in honor of being a new resident in Pittsburgh - the city of bridges!

 The process is pretty simple. I start with a photo I like, sketch it out on the gourd, and get carving!
Some of the tools you see are part of a very inexpensive pumpkin carving set from my local grocery store. Over the years they have held up very well and proven to be the best tools I have for carving.

 This is my favorite shot of the pumpkin
 At this angle, my husband says it looks like a tiara (I can't say I disagree) but I am fairly pleased with how it turned out.

This is a Halloween tradition I truly cherish.
 What do you do each year for Halloween?

Please share some thoughts below & to everyone around the East Coast whose festivities were postponed due to Sandy, safely enjoy your Halloween fun this weekend!


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