Monday, December 3, 2012

Closet Make-Over

I have a TON of clothes, I hardly ever go shopping (maybe twice a year), & I'm awful at putting outfits together.
Great combo, right?

I'm finally starting to realize that just because my clothes still fit (many of which are 5+ years old) doesn't mean they're still wearable.

Plus, with all of the clothes that I do have, I don't have many basics at all. 
I found this great list on Real Simple today, and I could barely check off 5.

So, I got right down to business and purged whatever I could. 
Most I will drop off tomorrow at Goodwill, but I was also able to find a few gems to sell on Threadflip (a great site to buy & sell slightly loved clothes & accessories)

I also totally reorganized the way I hang my closes. This will help give me a new love and appreciation for the clothes that I do have and hopefully inspire me to wear them more often.

 Plus. they're grouped by style (as you can see with the different colored hangers) which makes finding things a whole lot easier in the morning! (Or evening, depending on how much effort I need to put into my outfit that day haha)

If you're bored and uninspired with your wardrobe, try sifting through, reorganizing, and rediscovering pieces you once loved.

Thanks for letting me share some OCD love with y'all!

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