Monday, February 11, 2013

Exploring Pittsburgh

Recently Dave and I visited some wonderful places that are quite unique to Pittsburgh. 
We started our day at Construction Junction, which is a huge warehouse-type store with pre-loved/excess building materials, furniture, and various other items. (We took advantage of their amazing recycling program, which I alluded to in a previous post. They are also an valuable resource for any of those who love a good DIY!) 

Then we headed next door to the Center for Creative Reuse where we picked up a bunch or random items we needed for various projects. (This is a super cool store that my dear friend Lindsey introduced me to!)

Finally, we ended our day at Phipps Conservatory (again, by Lindsey's recommendation) which was beautiful beyond words. Their current exhibit showcases bonsai trees and orchids and the are just stunning. God's creation will forever leave me in awe. I tried to capture some of the beauty in photos, but I highly recommend you visit the exhibit yourself.
In addition to the God-made creations, the man-made building was quite a sight as well. 
I'll leave you with one of my favorite photos I've ever taken - which (I think) captures the beauty of both.

Here's to taking advantage of what your city has to offer!


  1. Niquelle your photos are amazing! It's like going to a tropical jungle...but in Pittsburgh. A lot of people don't realize what kind of awesome things their home has to offer, so I think it's really great that you and Dave are getting out there.

    Keep up the awesome blog!

    1. Thank you so much, Hailey! We're having a great time getting to know the city and discovering all it has to offer. I would love to come explore Alaska with you sometime!

      Keep being awesome =)

  2. I love the conservatory, when I was in high school I would go and just spend hours in there writing and loving being so close to nature. So beautiful. I highly suggest, if you haven't done so yet, take in some shows downtown, there's a lot of arts happening all around Pittsburgh, it's actually on the the things I miss most about the city. I also recommend visiting the Carnegie Museum, Frick Mansion and the Heinz history center. All are very awesome. I think all the museums in Pittsburgh are excellent though. Have fun exploring the city. Oh, and you NEED to go to the O in Oakland if you haven't been yet, best fries ever!

    1. We haven't done any of those things, yet!! I've been itching to get to a few museums, but this cold weather and constant flurrying is bringing us down! (the only negative I have about Pittsburgh...) Thanks for the specific suggestions. It's really helpful to have an idea of actual places we should visit =)

  3. haha no problem! I really enjoy the city. There's a bunch to do. If you ever have any questions just ask, I'd love to help, I know what it's like trying to learn a new city.


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