Monday, February 18, 2013


This past weekend Dave and I went to the Jubilee Conference which is held in Pittsburgh every year. In years past we would travel with a group of students from Arcadia University, in Philadelphia all the way across the state to attend, but since we're Pittburghians (pretend that's right) now, the commute was much simpler. 

Friday evening through Sunday afternoon were filled with absolutely incredible worship, educational and enlightening seminars, and wonderful reunions with some of our dearest friends. 

I learned a lot about how God uses my work and how my work is a really important way to serve God. I am extremely grateful to have been filled with this knowledge and to take home "Every Good Endeavor" by Tim Keller, to help learn more and keep myself encouraged. 

-All Work Matters- 

A simple, yet powerful reminder for me (and maybe you, too!)

I could elaborate on all of the notes I took while listening to several speakers, but instead, I'd like to meditate more on them and share them as I put them into action. As I have mentioned before, I started this blog to help keep me accountable to actually doing things & hopefully if I continually review what I learned and heard about this weekend I will be more aware of opportunities in which I can act on them. 

I always feel so inspired and filled-up after attending Jubilee & I hope I can continue to think about and act on the things I studied this weekend. 

What are some things that fill you up? Have you ever attended Jubilee or something similar?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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