Wednesday, April 10, 2013


As some of you know, I am signed up for my first 10k (which happens at the end of September) and I am pretty nervous about it. I am not much of a runner - yet - but it is something I'd like to become.

I ran a 5k a couple of years ago and I really wanted to challenge myself this year to do something more. I'd love to complete a half marathon in the future (no, I have no desire to complete a full marathon. Ever.) So, I figured this would be the logical next step.

The weather has finally gotten nice enough for me to go run so tonight Dave and I went out to start training!  

As I was running I was feeling pretty crappy. Not just my body, but my mind. Why can't I just go a little further? Why can't I breathe easier? Why couldn't I just run to the end of the block? 
Why, why, why!?!

After beating myself up, mentally, I got home and realized that I actually did pretty well - for me. I ran at a 10:31 pace and my goal for the race is a 10 minute pace, so overall, not so bad for my first "official" run of training.

Then, I remembered this wonderful image I posted a long time ago.

And it helped me, a lot. I'm usually the one sitting on the couch, so it's a really great reminder that just getting out there is an accomplishment in itself. 

Of course I will continue to work on becoming a better runner, but at least I am trying.
And if you take the first step in your journey (weight loss or not) then at least you're trying, too.

Here's to staying motivated and celebrating our successes (big and small)!

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