Friday, May 24, 2013

May Challenge - Day 24

Your top 3 worst traits

1) Not posting daily for the May Challenge

But seriously...

1 - I complain. A lot.
And it's always about little things. I am flexible when it comes to big life changes, needing to move across the state, getting a flat tire, etc. but if I get a paper cut while rushing to get out the door, my husband won't hear the end of it. (He's very patient & I'm very blessed.)

2 - I compare myself to others
I think it's pretty natural for humans to do this - but I don't like it - and it's definitely not good.
I've read that comparison kills joy.
Now, if only I could always remember that...

3 - I'm a perfectionist (or as my husband would say, "nit-picky" and "overly critical")
Although there are some cases where doing things well is important - perfect is not a thing.
Being this way I tend to; give up on certain projects because they aren't "good enough", nag my husband for leaving a few hairs near the sink when he shaves, and fail to try at different things because I know I won't be nearly the best (even if I haven't practiced much at all).

I'm really glad I got back into the challenge today.
It's so important be aware of our faults and work on improving and using them for good!

I hope you guys still like me even though I do all of those things

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