Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update

Hi Friends! I know I have been neglecting my blog for the past few days, I hope you don't mind.
I just haven't really been feeling it.

I think that part of it has to do with trying to post everyday for the May challenge (which although is really enjoyable, it's actually quite a bit of work). Also, I've just been tired lately. My body is still getting used to having two jobs, my mind has been overwhelmed by lack of a full-time job, and my heart is just aching for more than this.

Instead of blogging, I've been spending much of my spare time reading.
Reading about God, giving thanks, doing more, wanting less; all good stuff.

That said, I hope that you stick with me during this phase that I seem to be going through.
It's been such a blessing to get to share bits of my life with you and find many ladies who share in similar successes, struggle with similar things, and find joy in many of the little bits life offers.

Now - if you've made it through all that - here's a quick recap of my weekend for you (as usual!)

Friday - Dave and I watched the finale of the Office and cried.
Well, I cried, and he just sulked. It is easily one of our favorite shows and it has really given us something to share together. I know it may sound strange, but we've spent many, many, hours watching, laughing, quoting, joking, (and cuddling!) with and around The Office.

Then, after we wiped away the tears, (joke), we went down to a local sports bar to meet a couple who we've fairly recently befriended to watch the second Penguin playoff game. It was pretty exciting (despite that fact that I can never really hear anything in bars) haha.

All in all, a good night!

Saturday - We woke up bright and early to drive to The South Side and paint some railings.
I heard on K-Love (a Christian radio station) that they had put together some local volunteer opportunities and I was happy that Dave and I had the chance to get involved!

We got there at 7am, scrapped, sanded, and painted a lot of railings/fences along a very well utilized road and also had the chance to meet and chat with two of their DJ's, Scott & Kelli.

It was a lot of fun to venture to a part of the city we hadn't really been yet, as well as meet new people we otherwise wouldn't have had an opportunity to meet!

Sunday - We went to church, had some lunch, did our study on Ephesians, and meet our friends for dinner after a bit of a hiatus. It was great to share a meal and study with everyone again!

Well, that about sums it up.
What did you do this weekend?

 P.S. I haven't really been taking any pictures lately, and I'm not sure why... Maybe my brain checked out of that like it did blogging for a bit? I don't know... Hopefully I'll be back to normal, soon!
(...Sorry my posts are so wordy and not so pretty...)


  1. I'm glad you got to go help with K Love!


  2. A study on Ephesians sounds great!

    The Office is Zach and I's FAVORITE show! It's actually the only show we watch, since we don't own a t.v./have the time for it. It was hard to say goodbye to such friendly characters. BUT, thank goodness that season after season is available to watch over and over!



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