Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Voice

I was never a fan of singing shows until The Voice premiered four seasons ago.
I instantly fell in love with the idea, the coaches, the talent, and was hooked.

I watched the most recent episode, though, and couldn't help but think that beyond the seasons, I don't know or hear anything about any of the winners. 

I saw Javier win the first season, skipped the middle two due to lack of cable/tons of school work/lack of interest in staring at Christina Aguilera boobs, but now that I'm back into it (thanks, Hulu!) I am a bit broken up about the fact that I most likely won't hear much from the winner, whoever he or she may be.
(Usher thinks that's funny)
Now, I understand not everyone can break through and become a super star (many American Idol winners fall short). However, with the amount of talent these people are packing and the advice/connections they have gotten from the coaches (which are all awesome - and there's so much less boob!) How haven't any of the past three gone on to do great things?! Or any of the other contestants for that matter??

All this got me thinking about why such great "voices" don't make it in "the biz" and I realized it's because most stars are so much more than just a voice.
 They are also artists and personalities.

I do think the coaches are taking this more into account in season four, but I also think that the contestants should have to showcase their artistic abilities and perform original songs in the live shows. This way we could see their multitude of abilities (that ultimately) will make or break their success and we'd get to really pick who and what we want to hear more of.

Now I'm clearly not a superstar, or a gifted vocalist, but I am an advocate for things that are great and things that I love. So, I hope that someone important sees this and takes it into account. Or that the winners would at least go on to make and sell some music - because I think they're awesome and I would love to hear some talent on my radio. 

Anyone else want to add their two cents?

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