Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Good Day

Yesterday was so lovely.
Not that I have many bad days, thank God, but some days are more "good" than others.
Yesterday was one of those days!

It started with a fairly easy day at work & a walk in the beautiful sun with the two kiddos I nanny for.
Then I came home and made dinner for a wonderful (newish) friend who is mentoring me!

We ate, chatted, read, learned, shared, and drank tea.

It's the simple things, really.

I'm so grateful that God has answered my prayer for a mentor and desire to know Him more.
It's a great day when you realize that God has clearly answered your prayers! 
(It's also a great day, when you realize you have an awesomely great God who loves and desires you!)

I hope you know that, friends.

P.S. Another thing that made yesterday great was my longest run ever! 5 miles, no walking - woohoo!
Many thanks to my patient husband for running at a 12min/mile pace & training me <3

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