Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Update

Summer is in full swing here - and that means we're busy.
Busy doing awesome stuff!

Friday...  we ran, ate, and then went to a free concert in the park.
None of these people are us or our friend. I just like taking panoramic photos...
 Did I mention it was Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros?! 
We went with a friend who was visiting for a conference and we had such a great time.
They put on an incredible (and generously long) show!

We did some household chores, went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival with another couple,
 brought home a cute new friend, got a paper cutout of Dave, 
and had a picnic!

Became new members at our church, had another picnic, kayaked for three hours, 
(This isn't actually our group, because I was too nervous to bring my phone... but we kayaked to about this point!)
had dinner & studied Ephesians with friends and celebrated our dear friend Matt's birthday, and then took a four mile run to end the day!

I love soaking up the sun, spending time with friends, eating good food, and being active.
Spring/Summer really turns me a different person, and I'm so glad it's officially here!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

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