Friday, July 12, 2013

Dobra Tea

Last week my lovely friend K took me to a darling tea cafe in a neighboring town.

Dobra Tea had an incredibly wide selection of teas from across the world.
Their menu was literally a manual with detailed descriptions of each tea and the best time of the day to consume them. They also had some witty comments tossed in, which we quite enjoyed.
I chose a plum tea that had a perfectly subtle plum flavor & was great for "inspiring good conversation" (which seemed fitting for our girl-date haha) and we shared a platter of homemade hummus, pita, and local vegetables.

It was all incredibly scrumptious.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend you visit!

P.S. Photos taken and edited with the app VSCO CAM on my iPhone (I also recommend that )


  1. I love Dobra Tea, too! I was just there again today! All of their little tea pots are so beautiful!

    1. How lovely! I need to get back there, soon. There are too many teas to try in a lifetime, I think. And you're right, their tea pots are beautiful. Have you been to Teavana? They, too, have some lovely tea pots!


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