Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend we traveled to New Jersey and then Philly for our friends wedding. It was a lovely weekend (and short trip) but every time we travel across the looooong state of Pennsylvania, it all ends up feeling like a blur.

Friday: I worked until 8pm and then we got our stuff together, packed up the car, and headed out around 9pm. Dave was a trooper and drove the whole way (with a little help from his friends…)
Needless to say, after a case of Red Bull, when we arrived in NJ at his parents’ house at 3am, he could not sleep a wink.

I, on the other hand, passed out until about 8:30am. (Note: I need at least eight hours to function on a normal day – so five didn’t quite cut it.)

Saturday: I was basically a zombie for most of Saturday. Thankfully, Dave’s mom greeted us at about 10am with a breakfast fit for a small village! (Or in this case, just us; ‘cause boy can we eat - a lot!) She whipped up her famous French toast, scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon, all after working an overnight shift at work! (Did I mention she’s pretty incredible?)

After we stuffed our faces, we received what is quite possibly the cutest and most exciting anniversary gift, ever - an adorable picnic basket!

This is not us, but of course we look this adorable when we picnic
We have been picnicking quite a bit lately, and we are so excited to be able to do it in style now (while also saving the earth and not eating out of “to-go” containers from the deli.)

We left NJ around 12pm and headed to Philly where we met one of my best friends for some much needed coffee. It was so great to catch up with her in person! (If you’re confused, read this about our pen-pal adventures!)

Then we caught up with some old friends at their beautiful new home, and went out to dinner at our favorite place around - Jule Thin Crust Pizza.
Dave used to be a manager here... (And yes, it was a delicious time to be married to him.)
Then, we did some more hanging out and catching up with friends. 
Until we crashed for about 12 hours of solid sleep.
Sunday: We slept in, saw more friends, and then got dolled up for wedding of our dear friends R&S. 
(We wanted to take a "prom picture" since we didn't go to prom together... or even know each other in high school... haha)
Anyway, we went and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful wedding!
And yes, they're that adorable all the time.
We also got to sit with Kate, (who I mentioned earlier) - which was pretty sweet. She's such an amazing gal and I really loved getting to spend some time chatting and laughing and smiling with her.

Although it was a tiring weekend, it was also a pretty great one.
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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! You guys are adorable! :o)

  2. That sounds so fun! The pizza looks AMAZING!!! And picnics are so fun! Enjoy :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I'm positive that you guys are that adorable when you picnic haha. And I'm with you, less than 8 hours equals disfunctional!


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