Sunday, May 27, 2012

Date Night

Dave and I have a weekly date night, which usually means we eat dinner together (which because of his work schedule only happens once or twice a week) and then we sneak Wawa coffee into Barnes and Noble and read till our hearts are content. We've been doing this for a few months, and although I really enjoy it, I wanted to incorporate a little more excitement into our date nights. Thus I have created a date-night jar.

Here are most of the ideas that we have in ours:
Random Acts of Kindness
Game Night (you pick one, I pick one) + Dominos
Dessert Only
Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
Go geocaching
Irish Theme Night
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Fondue Night
Go for a run/work-out
Do a 1,000 piece puzzle
Chick-flick or rom-com and popcorn
Go to the mall and pick out outfits for each other - have a fashion show in the fitting room!
Go camping
Go on a scavenger hunt
Mexican Theme Night
Take a drive
Build a house of cards
Sign-up for a class together (dancing, painting, etc.)
Photo shoot
Make a Rube Goldberg machine
Fly kites
Build something with blocks or Legos
Homemade pizzas and an "Italian" movie
Laser tag 
Indoor picnic
Go to a thrift store and buy a gift for each other
Go Go-Carting
Make ice cream sundaes
At-home spa
Go see a play
Restaurant Hop: appetizers at one, entrees at another, dessert somewhere else
Have a movie marathon
Mini Golf
TV Show marathon
Volunteer together
Go to an arcade
Play card games
Go to a park and play on the play ground
Go window shopping
Go to a local museum
Greek Theme Night
Walk around town
Dollar date: order something off the dollar menu & get each other a gift from the dollar store
Shopping Spree
Go rollerskating or ice skating
$5 and 5mins each in the grocery store - whatever you get, you make and eat
Drive-In Movie date
Build a Fort
Go bowling
Italian Theme Night
Coffee Date
Go to the zoo
Go to Cracker Barrel
Fast-Food Date (get one item from each local fast-food restaurant)
Breakfast for dinner, in bed.

A few tips for those interested in making their own - color coordinate the choices based on cost/planning required and make sure you mark one side of the popsicle sticks so you know which ones you've done.


Please note: some of these date night ideas were adapted from here, here, and here.

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