Sunday, June 24, 2012

Date Night Improvisation

For our date night last week, Dave drew the "build a house of cards" stick. I was pretty excited about this because we both have creative minds, and I couldn't wait to see what type of card castle we would create together. I grabbed our pack of 5 decks of cards (for a great game called Hand & Foot some friends gave us) and cleared a flat surface so we could start. I figured our coffee table would do, but after several attempts, we realized it wasn't the best base for our masterpiece. So, Dave suggested we try building on the carpet, to help "hold" the cards. Welp, that didn't work so great either, so it was Us 0-Cards 2. Finally, we tried using my yoga mat, with the hopes that the rubber surface would really give the cards a good grip. 

Needless to say, we were riding on a failboat. So we ditched the idea.

Then, we tried building a "house of DVD's" ...cause we had a ton of them right in front of us (and I told you, we have creative minds)... This seemed to be working, but quickly fell, causing a domino effect. It was at that moment we turned to each other and both said "DOMINOES!" After Dave broke free of the "jinx!" I put on him (teehee), we called our friend, Dan, frantically searching for a set of dominoes. Whad'ya know, he had a set of nearly 100!

All that to say, if your plans fall through: accept it, get creative, and move on! We ended up having a blast, and made a couple of cute designs in the process. 
Then, we knocked them all down =D

-Happy Improvising! 

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