Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple Summer Dinner

With packing in full swing, I've been eager to try some of the simple summer meals I've stock-piled in a Word Doc. Who wants to pack, clean, and slave over the stove? (Not me, that's for sure.) One of my favorite meals from this weekend was definitely these Black Bean Quesadillas. 
About 15 minutes to prep & cook
One bowl for mixing & one pan for cooking
(Heck, if you're really not feeling it, you can skip the pan cooking and make them in the microwave! - 30 seconds each side - if you're interested.)

Fun Fact: I don't really do recipes... instead, I do taste. That being said, make sure you add salsa to your liking and at least enough cheese to melt the tortillas together. Oh, and you may want to try some sour cream for dipping, but remember you'll be adding a bunch of extra calories to an already delicious meal. Just sayin'.

Then, when you're done with dinner, I suggest this beautiful fruit combo of pomegranate & apricot.
(It's even tastier if you let it sit overnight)

Well, there you have it - an easy, delightful, lovely looking meal!

Happy munching!

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