Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Recycling Bin

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. I was sick just about all of last week, and then had to try and make up for all that lost time this week, so now I'm finally caught up on just about everything.

Here's a quick DIY that everyone should do because recycling is a super simple way to help lessen our impact on the environment. (Minor environmentalist rant complete).

What you'll need:
An old cardboard box (we clearly had a ton from moving)
2 Rolls of Duct tape
Scissors (if you're particular like me)
Paper & Pen (for a label)
Oh, and a shelf/place to put it ツ      
Total  Cost: About $5

Using duct tape is a great way to make the box last and keep away any leaks or pesty bugs.

I actually had a blast being all OCD while sitting in front of my TV and watching an episode of Law & Order.

Enjoy creating yours!

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