Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home (2 of 3)

Today I share with you our kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms were recently renovated, which made a huge difference for us when we were deciding which apartment to choose.

The kitchen is a bit small, with limited counter and cabinet space, but we make it work... sorta

Just a close-up of the cutest calendar picture, ever.

We are very glad that they built in that microwave! Could you image how much less counter space we'd have if they didn't ??

And finally a basic [hand-me-down] bookshelf to make up for the lack of room (please ignore that narrow tower of appliances...)
Another one of my favorite parts of our kitchen is that "hot beverage bar" you see in the middle there. I think it's pretty adorable, and it's full of all things delicious! (and caffeinated!!)

Next, we have the bathroom. Again, it's a bit small, but it works (literally and figuratively).

Thankfully the bathroom set we arbitrarily registered for (2 years ago!) ties everything together very well.

These are some of my favorite decorative pieces in the whole apartment! We had these frames lying around our old apartment and before we left I got the idea of grabbing some geometric/aesthetically pleasing plants to use as art in the frames. Not only does it look cool, but we brought a few pieces of our old town with us.

Last, but certainly not least, our awesome rug. 
The colors, shapes, feel, (and size!) fit perfectly in our bathroom.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed part deux of the tour. 
Check back soon for the final post - featuring our bedroom!

Until then,

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