Thursday, January 10, 2013

...and we're back!

From where you ask? 

Well, this past month Dave and I have been on what I like to call "visit-the-family-for Christmas/Birthday/Winter-vacation". Basically what that means is that we drive from Pittsburgh, pit stop in Philly (to catch up with some wonderful friends! & celebrate Harry Potter themed Christmas, of course). Continue on to New Jersey for a week to visit with my in-laws, whom I truly love spending time with (especially since I have no siblings of my own, sad face.) Then move on to Long Island to see my family and celebrate my birthday. Whew. 

During this time, despite the fact that we both took our electronic devices with us, we were pretty disconnected from the internet world.

It was rather refreshing.

Then, as if spending three weeks away from home (and internet) wasn't exciting enough, after our long drive back from Long Island to Pittsburgh, we went with four other couples to a cabin in the mountains not far from Pittsburgh.

We went hiking, played games, watched movies,
All the good stuff!
Here are some visual stimuli in the event you didn't soldier through all those words
(no hard feelings)

That being said, I'm back and here to stay.
I am going to be taking this blog more seriously from now on, as well as doing some other new and exciting things (see below!)

See you soon!

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