Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

After much thought and searching for inspiration, I finally made my own cleaning schedule!
I wrote out all the things I do/want to do (more regularly) and then got to thinking about a reasonable time schedule for each. (Keep in mind we have a small apartment which doesn't require too much work.)

The design is quite simple, but let's be real, it's just a cleaning schedule... how complicated does it need to be?
As I mentioned in my February update Dave and I have committed 10 minutes/day to tidying & the daily row includes just that. Believe it or not, we can get all that done - and more! - in just 10 minutes.

I tackle some of the weekly row on Saturday, but I actually break most of it up. (For example dusting & vacuuming on Saturday, laundry on Sunday, meal planning on Monday, etc.)

The monthly row is something that I naturally do about that often, but for me specifically choosing the "first Saturday of each month" is going to be a big help. This way I can actually keep track of how often it is getting done and I won't fall behind.

Yay for cleaning things on schedule!

>>If you'd like a copy of this design, feel free to snag this blank version of it<<
(Just click and drag the image to your desktop!)


  1. cute!! i'm almost done making mine aka the easy part. the hard part is doing it! :)


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