Friday, April 26, 2013

April Update!

I cannot believe May is just four days away!!
This month flew by (and so did some of my motivation! haha)
Hopefully the rest of Spring and all of Summer can slooooooow down and I can get back on track.
And soak in all the lovely sun, of course!

For my new friends who have no idea what I am talking about, on the last Friday of each month I link for the Resolution Revolution - so here's how I did:
 Blog: I have written 18 posts so far this month (compared to 10 last month) and I have actively been searching for new blog to follow and friends to "meet". I'm also co-hosting a link-up! (Here.) So, I think I've made some great progress this month!

Run a 10k: I am happy to report that I have been running quite a bit these past few weeks (thanks in part to the warm and beautiful weather!) and am looking forward to next Sunday (May 5th) when I get to run a relay in the Pittsburgh Marathon! Although I'm running the shortest leg, it will mark the longest distance I've ever run and help me get one step closer to my 10k in September!

Also, we're working with our church to raise money to build solar powered water filtration systems in Haiti! So, if you're feeling lead to donate any amount at all, please shoot me an email! 

Make & Follow a Cleaning Schedule: Made and half-followed? That counts for something, right?

Open Etsy Shop: Hm, the summer is quickly approaching, and I'm not sure I'm where I want to be with this one... I have a lot of ideas but not many final designs. I did attend a great workshop a few weeks ago which definitely sparked my creative spirit, so we'll see.

Pray More: I'm not sure if I've done better or worse compared to last month... So we'll say I stayed about the same. Which is okay, but not great. I want to start making prayer part of our dinner and sleep routine. Suggestions anyone?

Start Teaching: I have applied to literally every open teaching position (part & full time) within a 2 hours radius. I'm hopeful I'll hear back from someone for at least an interview, but who knows. There's only so much I can do and then it's out of my hands, ya know?

Read More: Epic fail. Basically this month I was like, "Books? What are those?"
I just lol'ed.
Work on our Scrapbook: Another fail. I say it's because I don't have a space to spread out and leave my materials besides our dining room table (which is true) but is that just an excuse? I'm not sure. What do you think

Study the Bible: I am feeling good about this one guys, praise God! I started a little plan on my iPhone with my YouVersion app that takes me through the major events/people of the bible. I am still a part of a wonderful women's study, and tomorrow I meet with a great, Godly woman who I recently asked to mentor me!

Explore Pittsburgh: Well, I haven't explored many new places, yet, but I am making great use of my Phipp membership! Once Dave is done with finals, we're planning to go explore more new places!

Volunteer: Still working with CPJ and loving it!

Start Composting: Check!

Get off the Couch: When I am not running, I can be walking around Phipps (as I mentioned before) or wandering around town. It's impossible for me to be lazy when it's so beautiful outside! Also, not sure if I shared this with y'all yet, but I got a part-time job at Anthropologie! So that'll keep me off the couch, too.

Did you make any "resolutions" (or as I like to say, "goals") for this year?
I'd love to connect with you guys and give/get some encouragement!


  1. You are so good! I will have the link up soon!!

  2. You can tell I'm catching up on posts, but it sounds like you're doing great on all of your goals-and I feel ya on the job search stuff. I apply for everything I think I could do, and I'm at the point where I've decided it's in God's hands now, which feels good-to just release that stress!


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