Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

We've all got 'em.
So I thought it'd be fun to share them. 
Kind of like a not-so-anonymous meeting. 
America's Next Top Model: 
I have been hooked since day one. I know Tyra is crazy, but I love her. And I love the photo shoots. And the awkwardly pretty girls. And the stupid cat fights. And the ridiculous things they make the girls wear/pour on them/put them in. Oh, and this cycle was one of my favorites.

Sleeping In... like waaaay in: I have literally slept through an entire day before. (I may have been sick, but I can't remember... Which might mean I was sick... anyway...) I love to sleep. I know it's kind of a waste and I can't really accomplish anything by overdoing it, but if I spend a little more time than the average person in my warm comfy bed, so be it!

Britney Spears:
 Although I didn't particularly love her crazy phase, (mainly because it made her look so crazy) I still won't turn off her music, or bash her. Because I love her. (But I do feel a bit guilty about it.)

Serving People Healthy Food. Without Telling Them:

Sometimes I think people are just a little too close minded when it comes to trying new things, especially food. I may swap out heavy cream with greek yogurt, rice with quinoa, or fake meat with real grass-fed meat. So, sue me. (But don't really... I have student loans.) I only do it with those I know very well and love. And it's only because I want you to be around for me to love you longer! But I probably won't tell you until after you eat it and love it

People Watching: I know it sounds mean, but I'm not mean, I promise! Picture Dave and I reenacting this clip from Date Night. People watching with a twist.

So, what are some of your guilty pleasures??
Don't be shy - comment with your secrets below!

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