Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Herb Garden

One of my favorite places to sit is at our dining room table, right across from this lovely window which is home to our herb garden. The window faces East so there is plenty of warming, life-giving sun, and although it looks out to a weird hill/backyard/street (the perks of city living) it's still a great place to soak in the sun and enjoy the wonderful creation in which we were gifted.
Our fun little (money-saving!) herb garden all started with some left over scallions. 
I couldn't bring myself to throw away more than half a bunch, so I decided to do a little science experiment. I planted half in some potting soil I had, and set the other half in a cup with water and waited to see what happened. 

To my surprise (as well as Dave's) the little guys in the water were growing about 2x faster than those planted in dirt! I water them the same & they sit in the same sun, but for some reason the ones in water are taking off! It's pretty fun to watch how quickly they are growing, and of course use them whenever I need!

After a few weeks of strong growth (and feeling like a pro at growing things), I picked up some parsley and mint to join the family. Most local grocery stores sell small potted herbs - usually in the organic section - so I encourage you to pick up a few, too! They're rather inexpensive and easily pay for themselves after the first use.

Both the parsley and the mint are super easy to maintain (this coming from the girl who continues to kill succulents... like, really?!) And they produce a lot! (The more you prune, the more they grow!)

Living in an apartment definitely has it's challenges, but being able to bring some life into our home has had a great effect.

To green thumbs!

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  1. I kill succulents too! haha. Your herbs look great! I've been trying to grow some for a while now, but I don't have any window ledges and getting good lighting can be challenging so I put them outside. And now I'm realizing I haven't checked on them in a few days...hmmm...


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