Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Update

What a wonderful weekend it was! 
If we did nothing else, it would still be great because of the reminder of God's great love for us and the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross! He is risen indeed!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter with your loved ones - and if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you had a lovely Sunday nonetheless. 

As for my update...

Friday was spent doing little more than cleaning like crazy. I dusted every nook and cranny, scrubbed every corner, and vacuumed every inch. It was a work-out. But I'm very happy with how things are sparkling around here! (If only we could keep it that way for more than a week... haha)

Saturday was a slice of heaven. It was warm, sunny, and the skies were completely blue. I feel like I've been waiting all year for a day like this (really it's just been all winter... which seems like it's been going on for a year...) Dave and I spent most of the day outside, walking around, and exploring.

We stumbled upon an overpass decorated with locks. Similar to those in Paris, Moscow, Rome etc. Couples attach padlocks to various bridges or fences to signify their unending love for one another.
It's so fun to discover new things in Pittsburgh and get to know the city better. Everyone should spend time exploring "their own backyard".

Sunday included an amazing church service (our church has one of the most talented choirs I've ever heard), an impromptu trip to Phipps Conservatory with two dear friends, and a delicious (misfit) Easter dinner hosted by two other great friends! (I say misfit with love. What I mean is that everyone who attended couldn't make their way to be with their immediate family so we all brought a dish and spent it together! What a beautiful & generous gesture it was for our friends W&L to host!)

I cannot go to Phipps without taking and sharing handful of photos (I'm proud to say I took less than 100 this time! lol) So here are a few snapshots from the beautiful Spring show they currently have up.
Then, as I mentioned, we went to dinner with a group of lovely people and had quite a feast. I made & brought a stuffed artichokes (a family favorite) and we ate til our hearts were content (and then some of us, like myself, ate some more!) We finished off the night by watching the first half of The Bible (the History Channel series) and then headed home with bellies full of food & hearts full of joy.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
(Also, please let me know if you'd like to join me in my "weekend updates"! I'm interested in making this a blog-hop, so don't be shy & contact me if you'd like to host with me!)

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