Friday, March 29, 2013

March Update!

Here's this months post about my progress on my 13 in 13 for the Resolution Revolution!
It's been a tough month.
It could be that winter has way overstayed its visit (& generally depressed me), or that I've been busy applying for sub jobs, or that Dave's been so busy with school work (& that somehow effected me?)... But let's be real, I just slacked off for most of the month.

I will give an update nonetheless and try to focus on my successes for April!

1) Blog - My goal was to blog more, overall, and really focus on designing a better layout. As well as get involved with other blogs and start swapping buttons. I actually did pretty well with this one! What do you guys think of the updates I've made? Any suggestions?

2) Run a 10k - I'm still signed up for the 10k in September, but I haven't been able to run at all this month. It's been tooooooooo cold and my lungs are wimpy =( I am running a relay in the Pittsburgh marathon, though! (I'm beyond excited about this!) It's 3.8miles and it's on May 5th. This should definitely build my confidence (& endurance!) for the 10k in September. 

*If you're interested in sponsoring me, I'm running to raise money ($100 total) for solar powered running filtration systems in Haiti (clean water for all! email/comment for details!)*

3) Make & Follow a Cleaning Schedule - Well, I made one this month - woohoo! But besides today, (my monthly go-crazy-and-deep-clean-everything-day) I've totally been slacking.

4) Open Esty Shop - No progress to report here. This is a big thing that takes time and I'm hoping to tackle it more seriously this summer. Suggestions are always welcome!

5) Pray More - I think I've been doing better at this. Take a look at this post and see what I've been working on doing differently.

6) Start Teaching - I'm working on it... these subbing applications are ridiculously long. And no one seems to be calling/emailing me back. This topic is kind of a bummer. (Anyone know anyone who wants to hire me?!)

7) Read More - Along with my 10 minutes of tidying/day that I mentioned last month, I had also been spending 20 minutes/day reading. Like several other things this month, I've been slacking at this, and hope to get back into the grid of things come April! (Which is in like, two days. Okay. I can do this!)

8) Work on Our Scrapbook - No new updates here, either. Lame, I know. 

9) Study the Bible - I'm ashamed to say, I've even stopped studying the word a bit (compared to last month) and I'm really trying to change this. This week alone I have sat down twice for some quiet study time with God, my bible, and my devotional... Just keep swimming! (and studying, mainly studying )

10) Explore Pittsburgh - Dave and I actually got a chance to go out last Saturday and do some exploring! We walked over 3 miles (before the cold brought us home) and we discovered some new places, as well as took some fun photos!
...That's just Dave climbing up a random fire escape... ya' know.
The forecast for tomorrow is 60 degrees and sunny all day so we will definitely be outside and exploring this beautiful city as much as possible!

11) Volunteer - I had coffee with a lovely lady earlier this week and talked about my volunteering role at CPJ! I'm excited to say I will be doing some research, helping at various events, and learning a lot of really valuable and meaningful information about public schools and how we can positively effect change as Christians.

12) Start Composting - We are doing so well with this! This great little compost we bought last month has been perfect & we dropped of 5 bags of compost to a local composting site just yesterday! It's actually in the backyard of a house of a friend... so I kind of felt criminal doing it, but hey, it's good for the earth! (No worries, I don't think I can actually get in trouble for it haha)

13) Get Off The Couch - I've done pretty well with this! Probably because our tv's speakers are busted (for no reason!) and because I feel like I should have hibernated with the weight I gained this winter (ha!) 

I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred several times a week - which is awesome! (Seriously, I saw a difference in my body within the first week.) And I've been walking wherever I can, whenever I can. Really though, if not having sound on your tv isn't a clear sign to get up and move, I don't know what is! (I think God is quite the comedian.)

Well, I suppose March hasn't been a total failure, now that I see it all written out... But I do hope to do better in April. 

How did you do with your goals this month?
I'd love to hear from you!


  1. what a report. i know i keep saying it, but seriously- the fact that we are even aware of where we stand at this point is probably better than most. i'm so proud of you!! thanks for remaining faithful- i knew this would dwindle out but we'll have so much to smile about in december!!

    1. It's so true. Just thinking about posting at the end of each month is motivation in itself! Also, it's really encouraging to share my successes and failures with you (and the whole world? haha) and read about others as well. So thank you for hosting this and taking your time to encourage & inspire!

      I really appreciate it =)


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