Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weird Things I Love, That You Probably Don't

After reading Whitney's post I just couldn't resist documenting my own list of weird things I love.
 So, here goes!

 1. Cracking my back and my knuckles
Every morning I crack my back & then I do it about three more times throughout day.
I also crack my fingers, usually no more than once a day.
And no, it's not bad for you - I've asked many doctors and googled it a bunch (lol)
(But really, it's not bad, it's just air between your joints.)

2. Scrapping my yogurt container clean
I don't know if this is a weird OCD thing or just because I really love yogurt, but after I eat yogurt, I have to scrap the container almost perfectly clean. I get in every nook & cranny that I can with my spoon (the sound drives my husband nuts!) and I even lick the edges since my spoon is too big! But, yum, it's so worth it.

3. "Windexing" glass and mirrors
 Yup, I love that streak free shine. 
I don't know, ever since I was little I always offered to clean the table and windows and mirrors because I enjoyed it so much. Weird, huh?

4. Organizing all of my computer documents into folders
Now I'm pretty sure this has something to do with OCD, but I just love when all of my documents are neatly organized in their virtual little folders. All of the apps on my phone are also organized accordingly. 

5. Overalls

Yup, I love them. But no, unfortunately I do not own a pair.
Maybe it's because they are so darn comfy? Maybe it's because I secretly want to own a farm?
We may never know, but I think they're awesome.

Well, there you have it. 
What are some weird things you love?


  1. I want to do one of these too!

  2. Love this! : ) Those overalls are really cute, made me want a pair! And I love Windex too!


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