Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Challenge - Day 14

Ten things that make you really happy

1.  My husband
2. My mom & family
3. Blue skies/sunshine
4. Animals (because they're so stinking cute!)
5. Traveling
6. Good design
7. FOOD! (Mainly when I can eat it.)
8. Reading 
9. Comedy/Sitcoms (such as Parks & Rec!)
10. Being kind to people and people being kind to you

That about sums it up.
I'm quite simple, really.

What makes you happy?

P.S. I forgot to post yesterday... Sorry about that (that counts as a public apology, right?)


  1. i think we could be friends in real life haha. i love all those same things, especially blue skies and sunshine

    1. Jen! I tried to email a response, but could not find your email =( So I hope you see this =)

      I, too, think we could be friends in real life! (Also, I wouldn't mind taking bi-yearly trips to visit you in sunny Las Vegas and binge on Mac & Cheese! haha)


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