Friday, May 3, 2013

May Challenge - Day 3

Things that make you uncomfortable

Being Cold
And I'm cold all the time. 
Unless it's 75 degrees, sunny, and I'm outdoors.

When parents are clearly being abusive to their children
I do not like/know how to deal with parents yelling and speaking meanly/abusively to their children.
I understand sometimes you need to lay down the law, but try and be discrete and please don't make me worry about their well-being. I have a big heart for children and I just do not understand why some people don't treat them as humans...

Spider Webs
They look beautiful when they are contained in a bush...

 but when I walk through little strands of them, YUCK! 
Even after I remove it I still feel like there's a phantom web attached to me... I get the chills just thinking about it!

This is such an interesting prompt because there are so many ways to feel uncomfortable and so many different things that make each of us uncomfortable! I'm looking forward to see what everyone else has to say...

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