Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Challenge - Day 2

Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. 

Hm. This one is tough. 

At first I was trying to think of things that I could do really well, but I'm not particularly great at any one thing. Then, I thought about writing a kind of a joke-post about how good I am at things like eating for example. (Step 1: Acquire food. Step 2: Open mount, insert food... you get it.) But I wanted something more than that. Something deeper.

After a bit more thinking, I have decided to share with you something that I both know a bit about and that I am good at - trusting God.

Ever since I was young I have always had a strong sense of faith. Of course I was influenced by my wonderful mom and her strong faith in the Lord, but even when I was very little and may not have totally understood everything what was going on, I knew it was all alright and it was how it was supposed to be. 

We struggled a bit, my mom and I, but we always had faith and God always provided. 
And He always does.
He knows just what you need and when you need it.
He pushes you and stretches you and twists you, but when you have faith, He never breaks you.

I know that I am cared for and loved by a great and powerful God and I am good at having faith in that. I am good at knowing that I don't know much and I may not excel at much but I am who I am and I am designed by God and for God.

My hope is that you'll know that too. 

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  1. Love this! What a neat take on that question :)

    Sometimes I find trusting Him easy -peasy and then sometimes it's hard. But when I do and I let Him take complete control I'm always left with a peace. As promised, one that surpasses all understanding :)


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