Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday was different than usual because I stayed home sick and didn't get out of bed to close to 1pm!
I was feeling so strange that I didn't do much of anything at all.
Dave and I watch the newest episodes of the Office and Parck & Rec (naturally), but then I just sat on the couch and read all day and night while sipping on some delicious Cranberry Apple tea.

Saturday Dave was feeling sick, so again we didn't do much of anything.
More reading and lounging followed by a short walk to get us up and moving and then our church service which was moved up due to marathon Sunday.

Service was great and we were visited by a lovely choir from Abington, PA (the town Dave and I used to live in!) Then, we went to a pasta dinner that our church hosted to help prep the runners, introduce the charity we were working with, and get everyone pumped for the marathon!

Sunday was the big day! Since we haven't been around Pittsburgh for a marathon until now, we didn't know exactly what time we should leave home/arrive to our legs and things like that. So we left at 4:30am to be safe... We made it nice and early with quite some time to spare! It was a bit confusing at first, but once we figured everything out, the excitement kicked in.

I ran the second leg (3.5miles) and handed off to Dave who ran the third leg (6.4miles).
It took me 36 minutes to run (a little over my goal of a 10min pace).
And Dave 53 minutes (under his goal! Which is totally awesome because he basically had to climb a mountain at the beginning of his leg.)
It was a TON of fun and our team finished in the top 10% of relay teams!
 (Which helped make me look like a better runner than I am haha)
After the race and trying to figure out how to get home (due to so many road closures) we got our monthly crepes (we go every first Sunday of the month) and got home just before we both passed out from exhaustion. (Waking up at 4am isn't really good for either of us.)

So, besides participating in the relay we had a pretty lazy weekend.
But it was enjoyable nonetheless.

What did you do?

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