Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update!

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This weekend was the start to a wonderful new adventure in North Carolina!
Here's what we did to prepare.
Friday - I worked until 8pm and then we ate dinner and watched Parks & Rec.
Nothing out of the usual here! 
Saturday - I worked again, until 3:15 (I got out early!) and I also bought a pair of jeans today. From Anthropologie. For $10! They were originally $168. Ladies, DO NOT miss their sale room, there are hidden treasures such as this, daily! I was so glad I got called into work today haha  After I got home, we grabbed a bite to eat at a great place around here, Hello Bistro, and then we made lists and packed and packed.
These are the essentials. Yes, Bananagrams, Taboo, Cards, and Frisbees are essential.
Sunday - We scooped up a new friend from church, B, and drove straight from Pittsburgh to Mars Hill. It was about a 7.5 hours drive through some incredibly beautiful areas.
We also stopped at a wonderful place called Tamarack in WV and explored there a bit, thanks to a recommendation from our new friend, B!
It was an indoor art-fair is sorts, which also sold really delicious chicken pot pie. A personal favorite. 
Anyway, we had a great drive (thanks for your prayers for safety!) and we're looking forward to serving some great folks down in NC. Don't forget that this is a link up and I look forward to reading all of your updates as well!
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