Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update!

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This weekend was filled with so many amazing things I can hardly put them into words...
 so I figured I'd just show you instead!

Friday - We ended our incredible adventure in Mars Hill and left this home and these folks:

Saturday - We drove home from Mars Hill with B and a new friend, M. 
We decided to do some exploring in route home, and part of that included stopping at every overlook.
 We also discovered a cave exploration tour, and unanimously agreed to do it.
Then, to end our exciting day the sun set magically as we were nearing the end of our drive.
Sunday - The exciting events continued when we got home.
We had brunch with some new church friends (not photographed)
and then went golfing with three awesome friends... until it down poured.
Finally, we ended our night with dinner and study with four of our favorite couples in Pittsburgh.

It was such a fantastic weekend!

How was yours?

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