Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

I haven't posted much because I've been caught up with living life.
And it's been quite nice.

Although I really enjoy blogging, sometimes it becomes a chore, or just another "to-do" and at that time my body starts to reject the idea until it can even itself out again.

I think my priorities are now back in their place and thus I'd like to play catch-up.

Let's start with last week, when I started my new job with the CCO!
It's a part-time position in the finance department, which I am loving!
I am utilizing some old skills, learning some new things, and above all I'm interacting with Godly, kind, thoughtful, and genuinely happy people!
It is such an incredible environment that I could go on, and on - so I will end it here. (For now!)

Balancing a new job and an old job has been a little tricky (as I have worked my 9th day straight today) but I am beyond grateful for this new opportunity and know that I will figure out scheduling and adjust in the weeks ahead. 
We've also been quite busy outside of work, Dave and I. 
Over the past week we had dinner with friends, went disc golfing, crafted a gift and celebrated the pregnancy of a dear friend, visited my favorite place in Pittsburgh, took an impromptu trip to our newly married friends home in Waynesburg, played poker with new friends, and did errands. 
Our days (and nights!) have been chock-full of great company and exciting events.

But then we felt tired. And lazy.
And so we decided to watch Netflix.
And then we lost some hours, but it's okay. Sometimes that's just what you need. 

Anyway, all this to say, I have not had/made much time for blogging.
And that's okay, too. 

But, alas, I will be back to posting more regularly very soon.
I will also be opening the (imaginary) doors of my Etsy shop very soon!
Something I am so, so, thrilled to do.

Thanks for sticking around through the down time.
I appreciate it and you a whole lot!


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  1. I've missed your regular posts! Come back!! :) I do understand the work and effort it takes to write even just one post...I haven't done much the last couple weeks either.

    Glad you guys have been enjoying every second of life (when you're not working) and good to hear that the new job is going well! Hope the rest of your week is awesome!



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