Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

In an effort to let my new readers get to know me better, I'm excited to be linking up for Never Have I Ever!

1. Dyed my hair
 I love the natural color of my hair, and despite the fact that I have a TON of greys, (and I'm 22), I still haven't given in. I'm afraid that I'll "lose" the natural color of my hair in the process and I'll go broke trying to keep up with how fast my hair grows.

2. Had an energy drink
I took one sip of Red Bull years ago and it tasted like so many candies melted together that I couldn't bring myself to ever try and drink one. 

3. Finished my Halloween candy within a year
No joke. Even as a kid, I just wasn't a candy person so it always stuck around the house until my friends eventually finished it, or we tossed it in the trash.

4. Traveled West of Pittsburgh
The place I live now (Pittsburgh) is as far west as I've ever been! Hopefully I can change this over the summer on our potential road trip! Look out for posts about our big plans sometime in the near future!

5. Ran more than 3.1 miles at once
It may not be surprising to many, but I am training for a 10k so that's going to have to change, soon!

6. Broken a bone
I'm pretty proud of this one. I mean, I'm not all that active now, but as a kid I climbed trees like it was my job. 

7. Had a cavity
Okay, well this one would have been true as of a month ago. (Maybe it had something to do with the lack of love for candy?) Apparently the dentist I went to last month says I have one but I'm going to get a second opinion haha

8. Been to a drive-in movie
There weren't any near me growing up (I don't know if that's normal), but I've always wanted to go to one! Luckily there's one not far from where we are now, so this summer it's on our date night list!

Feel free to join in on the fun!

I'd love to read some of yours,


  1. Energy drinks freak me out. I drank so many of them in college and I have no idea how. Now I just stick to coffee. Your list was great! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I've nevr done more than a 3 miles eaither, till tomorrow since I'm training for a halg marathon, Yikes! I usually throw out whatever Halloween candy is left after around Christmas. Love your list!

  3. I've never been an energy drink drinker, I just think they taste gross! I don't think i've eaten all of my Halloween candy within the year either. Thank you for linking up with us! : )


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